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UN Women in Chile joins the slogan "Do not leave anyone behind" of ODS, taking as one of its greatest challenges the empowerment of indigenous women in the country.

The Sustainable Development Goals aim to change the course of the XXI century, tackling fundamental challenges such as poverty, inequality and violence against women.

Women and girls today represent more than half the world population and usually are the most affected people -in comparison to men and boys- by poverty, climate change, food insecurity, lack of medical attention and world economic crisis.

That is why attaining gender equality and women empowerment is a goal in itself -Goal No. 5- on the SDG. The rest of goals also refer to this subject and include milestones that specifically recognize women's equality and empowerment, both as a goal and as a solution. Women's contributions and leadership are fundamental to find a solution.

When developing projects for and with indigenous women, UN Women is not only achieving the Sustainable Development Goal No. 5, but also No. 1 (End Poverty); No. 2 (Zero Hunger); No. 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth); No. 10 (Reduced Inequalities); No. 13 (Climate Action) and No. 17 (Revitalize Global Partnership for Sustainable Development).

UN Women in Chile supports the SDG "Leave no one behind" theme, taking the empowerment of the country's indigenous women as one of its greatest challenges.